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Sample Works

The Wind Down Dornóch Bay
(middle school symphonic band piece
in a Celtic folk-song style)

Mount Pelion-1st Mvt.
Mount Pelion-2nd Mvt.
(first two movements from advanced
high school/college level band work)

The Approach of Queen Anne's Revenge
(high school concert band piece)

Dracula-main theme
(stage production)

Sleuth-main theme
(stage production)

The Tropical Island Way
(elementary school production)

Dracula Overture
(The Count's Castle, The Seduction of Lucy, The Pursuit)
(orchestral programmatic work)

Orchestral Vignette No.1

Orchestral Vignette No.2
Orchestral Vignette No. 3

God Bless America
(short high school/college Jazz Ensemble piece)

Reveille Saxes
(extended saxophone section jazz novelty)

Christmas Carol-main theme
(stage production)

(short marching band sax feature)

  In Julia's Eyes
(soprano sax smooth jazz piece)

all works © Danny Williams Music

                                                                             The sample works were realized with the Gary Garritan line
                                                                             of sample libraries, including:

                                                                                                        Garritan Personal Orchestra
                                                                                                        Jazz and Big Band library
                                                                                                        Concert and Marching Band library

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